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Jennifer Sebnem Macide Simone Schaefer (known in Turkey as Sebnem Schaefer and in Germany as Jennifer Schafer; born 9 February 1984), is a German fashion model, actress and TV presenter.

A tall blonde with both German and Turkish roots, Sebnem Schaefer has been modeling since high school and become equally popular in both countries. A participant in the 2006 Miss Germany pageant, Sebnem Schaefer has since found a niche as a Zeki Triko swimsuit model, a TV presenter and actress in film and television.

An avid equestrian rider and dancer, Sebnem Schaefer is as athletic and graceful as she is beautiful. She’s also smart and politically minded, having mastered five languages (German, Turkish, English, French, Arabic) and joined the DYP political party of Turkey — an announcement that was a media event in and of itself.

Jennifer Sebnem was born Frankfurt am Main on 9 February 1984. Her father is German and her mother Turkish. She has been modeling since she was fifteen, commuting between career engagements in Germany and Turkey, at the same time as pursuing her studies in Goethe University in her hometown. She is a native speaker of German and Turkish and has full command of English. She is also fluent in French since she studied it at school, and even in Arabic since it was part of her courses during her initial choice of Turkology at the university. She later switched to anthropology and European ethnology. Sebnem has studed ballet, and enjoys horseriding.

Sebnem has modeled for Zeki Triko Swimwears.

In 2006, representing Rhineland-Palatinate, she was elected second pageant (Vize-Miss Germany) in MGC Miss Germany contest.

Sebnem Schaefer starred in two TV series to date, both in Turkey, “Lise Defteri (High-school journal)” and “Emret komutanim (Yes Sir!)”. She also starred in two films which were box-office hits across Turkey, namely “O simdi asker (He is in the army now)” directed by Mustafa Altioklar, and “Dunyayi Kurtaran Adamin oglu (Son of the man who saves the world)”, a technically slightly more sophisticated sequel to the cult science-fiction movie, which was directed by the veteran actor-director Kartal Tibet. Also, she will start to a new drama series ” Idil B. bana benzemek icin ne yapsin ? “.

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