Tom Brady and Rex Ryan Agree

Patriots QB Tom Brady and Jets HC Rex Ryan probably don’t agree on much, but they did agree as to why the Patriots lost to the Jets today 28-21. Earlier in the week, Rex Ryan made the game about him vs. Bill Belichick, stating that Belichick out-coached him in Week 13. However, according to Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick out-coached him again. Instead, it came down to the execution by the players.
“I thought it would come down to me and Belichick and thank goodness it never did, because he won that battle like he always does,” Ryan said in his post-game press conference. “It came down to our players and it came down to the assistant coaches, and we won that battle.
Tom Brady would agree with Rex’s assessment.
In his post-game press conference, Brady said that they weren’t surprised by anything the Jets did, just that the players, including himself, didn’t execute like they should have.
“I don’t think we’re surprised by anything,” Brady said. “I thought they could certainly zone us off more. They did. At times, we handled it well. At times, we didn’t. They mixed it up. I thought they executed pretty well. They didn’t give up any big plays. We just didn’t make enough plays.”
They sure picked an awful time to have execution problems. Perhaps the youth of the team finally showed on the heightened stage. Whatever the case, the Patriots are in a good spot heading into next year. Despite the darkness a playoff loss brings, the future is bright for this team.

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